Theme Auto Update Installation

Tutorial on how to update theme (works on V6 and above only)
Written by Jonathan Diaz
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All you need is to download the Shoptimized Theme App on our Members Area.

Please make sure you are logged in to be able to see the contents and the App.

  1. Please navigate to Members Area -> Shoptimized Theme -> Resources -> Theme App (
  2. Just click Proceed and Install the App, once you are done.
  3. Navigate to Shopify Admin Page -> Apps -> Shoptimized Theme App -> Theme Updater.
    1. If your live theme is on latest version it would display:
      "Theme is up to date"
    2. Otherwise, it would display: "New Version Available"
    3. Please wait a few minutes and you're good. If it keeps loading for over 15 minutes, I would suggest to refresh the page or try using another browser or clear cache and cookies then try again.

This will only work on Version 6.1.x Shoptimized Themes.

"Always choose the latest version when updating, example above is just for reference for you to follow."

How to Check Shoptimized Theme Version 

Notes (Important): 

  1. Updated Themes will be unpublished by default for you to check everything else is working as it is before publishing it as live, so your live theme wouldn't get affected until everything is settled and ready to go. 😃
  2. Updated Theme does not affect the Products, Pages, Collections and anything on the Shopify Admin Page they will remain intact for them to be added on the theme settings.
  3. Updated Theme will only be able to copy the theme settings from the previous version chosen, 95% will be transitioned. There are certain type of things, such as Menu and Logo section needs to be redo as the codes/ settings were changed.
  4. Updated Theme needs to redo / reintegrate any app codes or custom codes that was done on your previous theme to the new theme since it will create a conflict as this is completely brand new and the codes were completely overhauled.
  5. Last but not the least, if by any chance the Theme Update fails or any issues occured, you can always manually update your theme by manually downloading it on our Members Area: HERE

    PS: Version 4.x and Version 5.x and V6.0x doesn't include Shopify OS2.0 the recent update while the V6.1.x and above is, so you have to manually update the theme, without using the Updater App, If you use V4,V5 and V6.0x.

    The V6.1.x has a lot of new features and functionalities and it is OS 2.0 

Currently Published Theme

This theme is live on your store.

Unpublished Themes

These are the unpublished themes on your store. None of these themes are visible to your customers.

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