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How to Change into Different Variants Options

Changing to different swatch styles varies depending on niche.
Written by PJ Guerrero
Updated 3 months ago

Navigate to the Theme Editor: https://prnt.sc/w8uvn3 -> Theme Settings -> Product Page -> General Settings -> Swatch Style -> Choose whatever options you prefer

  1. Label - displays all the variants into TEXT
  2. Variant Image - displays all the variants into IMAGES
  3. Use Variant Swatches (Dropdown Selector) - unchecking this option would disregard all the Swatch Style options and turn into Dropdown Variant.
  4. Color - displays Colors, it will turn into their respective colors.

    If you are to add "non standard color" you need to upload image with color name.

    Example: Color is "Rose Gold" then you need to upload 100*100 image with name "rose-gold.png"

    Basically, you have to upload image with small letter name (need to be exactly the same with the variant name) and also if there is space in color name then they have to use - instead of _ in image name

    Example, if the color name is "Heather Forest" then you have to put an image with name "heather-forest.png"

    Note: Non Standard Colors such as: light-red, red-blue, mint-blue and etc.
    Standard Colors such as: Blue, Red, Green, Orange and etc.
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