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How To Validate Your Theme License Key

How to properly validate the theme by attaching the License Key perfectly.
Written by PJ Guerrero
Updated 5 months ago

There are two common mistakes when validating your theme.

  1. Paste your MYSHOPIFY URL to the License Dashboard Area - You can get your exact my shopify url from the backend of shopify directly: https://prnt.sc/w8totr
      --> Please do not include the https:// & .myshopify.com as it's already there.
  2. Copy the License Key that was linked/connected to the myshopify url and paste & replace with your own License Key in the Theme Editor -> Theme Settings -> License Key: https://prnt.sc/w8trkk

Here's the License Key Dashboard Area: https://members.shoptimized.net/licence-manager/licences

If you are still having issues, please make sure to follow thoroughly, step by step here: License Key Video Tutorial


To avoid confusion, manually type your myshopify url.

If you're on PRO/ Ultimate, you can choose any license you wanted, just make sure to use the exact License Key where you have pasted your MyShopify URL. 

Using one license key in two different store will cause an conflict which results to ISSUE.
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