How to Activate your Shoptimized Theme

How to properly validate the Theme by assigning the License Key
Written by Jonathan Diaz
Updated 5 months ago

The THREE IMPORTANT Steps when Validating / Activating Shoptimized Theme.

  1. Get your MYSHOPIFY URL not your domain name in Shopify Admin Page.

    Please ensure that you are logged in from the Shopify Platform so you are 100% sure that it's the one and only correct MyShopifyUrl, not the Domain Name, the MyShopifyURL.

    Please do not include the
    as they are already pre-populated.

  2. Paste your MYSHOPIFY URL to the License Dashboard Area - You can get your exact My Shopify url from the backend of Shopify directly:

  3. Copy the License Key that was linked/connected to the My Shopify URL and paste & replace with your own License Key in the Theme Editor -> Theme Settings -> License Key

Here's the License Key Dashboard Area:

If you are still having issues, please make sure to follow thoroughly, step-by-step here: License Key Video Tutorial

NOTE: Your My Shopify URL and Domain URL are different.

To avoid confusion, manually type your myshopify URL.

If you have purchased the PRO/ Ultimate package from us, you can choose which store to assign your license key to.  Just make sure you use the exact License Key where you have pasted your My Shopify URL. 

Using the same license key in two different stores will cause a conflict.

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