How To Modify The Header Menu, Standard Menu, Footer and Megamenu Sections

How To Modify The Header Menu, Standard Menu, Megamenu and Footer Menu, Everything there is in the Theme Menu.
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If you are new to this MENU Section, check here: MENU and LINKS

In this section
Understanding navigation
Add, remove, or edit menu items in your online store
Set up drop-down menus in your online store
URL redirects

You must create collections first so you can apply in your menu: Adding links to collections

Please refer to this tutorial from Shopify on how to Set up drop-down menus in your online store - and nested menus. Everything about the Navigation is on Shopify End, so please check the tutorial links/ video above.


Shoptimized Demo Store

  1. Header Strip Menu: Go to the Theme Editor -> Theme Settings -> Header Strip
    ( in this part, it doesn't support dropdown/ nested )
  2. Header Menu / Standard Menu: Go to the Theme Editor -> Sections -> Menu: 
    First Main Menu: This menu displays before Megamenu.
    Last Main Menu: This menu displays after Megamenu.
         * First / Last Main Menu doesn't matter if you wont be using Megamenu
  3. Mobile Menu: This is based on the Header/ Megamenu Area && Header Strip Menu: (if you take a look at demo store)

  4. Footer Menu: Go to the Theme Editor -> Theme Settings -> Footer -> Footer Menu: ( in this part, it doesn't support dropdown/ nested. )

  5. Mega Menu Sections: Go to Theme Editor -> Sections -> Menu -> Add Megamenu: please do not configure from the Theme Settings -> Megamenu 1-8 (obselete sections)

Detailed Information on Megamenu as this is a bit complex

The Default Collection Settings:  Choose Collection to Show Products in Mega Menu. The first three products that's in the Collection their pictures would display. 

Icon - displays a small icon in the respective Submenu

First Submenu Heading - displays submenu heading in the respective Submenu

First Submenu Heading Link - the submenu heading would be clickable to its respective link ( if no links attached , it would be unclickable )

First Submenu - Menu items would display from the Menu you created for example Dresses: -

  * Setup a Menu - in this tutorial on how to create, add, edit, remove menu items (if you look closely on the shopify links tutorial above, you wouldn't have to go through with this)

The same process for Second Sub-Menu to Eighth Sub-Menu and if you want to create a Second Megamenu, repeat process from above.

Custom Links in Megamenu - as seen in the photo below, if you wish not to display Custom Link, just simply uncheck the 'show to megamenu' otherwise fill in each textbox one by one. This would affect to all of the Megamenu that you created, there is no way to display on specific Megamenu.

NOTE: The Display/ Layout from the Customization Section and Live View may vary due to space issue, as seen when visiting directly to DEMO STORE.

Please make sure to always hit SAVE and RELOAD the page, because sometimes the Shopify Server has layout/delay issues

Other Useful Information:

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Mega Menu Setup - Learn how to configure the multiple mega menus that the theme supports.

How to Setup Collection Grid in Megamenu Part - Setup collection grid in the navigation area 

How to Create a Page that Display List of Collection - Setup Page with your list of collections

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How to Change Specific Colors - Change Specific Colors in the Theme

Different Add To Cart Options - Change the General Add to Cart Button to different styles/ layout

Variant Swatch Style Options - Learn how to change the variants swatches to different styles.

Custom Link on ATC Button - Redirect the Add to Cart Button to a Certain Link

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