How to Change Add to Cart into Different Cart Styles on ATC

Choose what type of button will be appear on product page
Written by Jonathan Diaz
Updated 5 months ago

Navigate to the Theme Editor: -> Theme Settings -> Product Page -> Add to Cart Button -> Cart Style On ATC -> Choose Options


  1. Dropdown Confirmation - it will turn into dropdown popup (the cart from top-right menu would popup)
  2. Slideout Cart - it will turn into slideout cart (the cart from right side will transition to display)
  3. Skip Cart and go directly to Checkout - when enabled, it will directly navigate to Checkout Page upon clicking the Add to Cart Button
  4. Redirect to Cart Page - when enabled, it will directly navigate to CART Page upon clicking the Add to Cart Button
  5. Pop-Up Modal - when enabled, it will display a POPUP into the center  with all the details of your order.

If you want to change the ATC Button to redirect to a specific link then you can enable the "Custom Link on ATC Button" by simply attaching the whole URL Link into the Product Tag of the Product you want it to enable with.

Note: Cart Page and Checkout Page is completely different.

Other Useful Information:

Custom Link on ATC Button - Redirect the Add to Cart Button to a Certain Link

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