Reasons To Buy From Us Icons

How to configure & change the reasons to buy from us icons that display on the product/cart page.
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1 The first step is to open the theme settings area of your Shopify theme config and go into the Top Reasons To Buy From Us section.

Step 1 image

2 Now, scroll down and go to the Top Reason icon section.

Click Display.

Step 2 image

3 Next, enter the icon title.

Step 3 image

4 Next, click replace/upload to upload icon.
You can add up to 7 icons.

Repeat the same step to add more icons.

Step 4 image

5 You can also display the Top Reasons icons on the product pages.

Step 5 image

6 Next, select the Top Reasons section position for product pages.

Step 6 image

7 Left: it will show below the product image.

Right: it will show above the description tab.

Step 7 image

8 Next, enter the Top reasons section heading text.

Ex. "Great reasons to buy from us".

Step 8 image

9 Next, click Display Top Reasons Counter.
It will show the number of top reasons with top reason text.

Ex. '5 Great reasons to buy from us:'.

Step 9 image

10 Next, click Display Top Reason Text to show these details.

Step 10 image

11 Select top reason heading text alignment.

Step 11 image

12 Now, click save to save your theme config and preview your changes.

Step 12 image

13 That's it. You're done.

Step 13 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

Download the Retina Icons here

E-commerce is largely about trust at the core. The “Why Buy From Us” section helps establish that trust through the customer service-related badges we’ve put up. They are also within the tabs as well. This is because you’re able to expand on the text for each badge to help further convince visitors.


Display Top Reasons On Product Pages – Toggle display of badges on or off.

Top Reasons Position On Product Pages – Determines the position of badges. Left or Right.

Display Top Reasons On Cart Page – Toggles display of badges on or off on cart page.

Display Top Reasons Counter – Displays a number next to the reasons display.

Display Top Reasons Text – Will display reason text underneath the badge icons.

Reason 1-7 – Enable or disable the badges as you see fit. You can also replace the stock images with your own. The recommended size is 285×285 pixels, transparent PNG.

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