Video Thumbnails in Product Page

Embed Videos in Product Thumbnails.
Written by Jonathan Diaz
Updated 3 months ago

Please do these 3+2 steps from the Video Hosting Provider (Google or Vimeo):

  1. Go to the Youtube or Vimeo Link then click the "Share Button"
  2. Please click the "EMBED" to get the EMBED Link Url to put.
  3.  Copy the Embed Link:  (The Highlighted One - Without Quotes)

Once you have the link, please follow this 2 steps in Shopify Admin Page:

  1. Please go to the certain product, and choose a certain thumbnails you want to display it with.

  2. Paste the Embed URL Link.

Note: It's the same process with VIMEO, it should be with other Video Hosting Provider (it should, because we haven't tried it)

Note: We do not yet support uploading an mp4 file directly into the Thumbnails, I'm afraid. This is something we are still currently working.
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