Shoptimized Customization Guidelines for Coders

Shoptimized 5.0 Customization Guidelines for Coders
Written by Jonathan Diaz
Updated 5 months ago
  • Your staging theme of Shoptimized will be receiving remote updates periodically, theme info will tell you the current build number - in the theme config, click on theme actions > theme info (found in the bottom left corner of your theme config).

  • To preserve your custom code, please always keep track of altered files, and let the Shoptimized team know path/filenames for these files. We will exclude these files from our updates system to avoid them being overwritten when we update you.
  • Also keep a good coding style, attach additional custom.css / .liquid snippet files to root theme files (e.g. theme.liquid) and keep track of those includes. This will allow you to easily get updates from the Shoptimized team, while retaining your code changes.
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