What Happens if I Exceed 50 Checkouts in a Month?

What Happens if I Exceed 50 Checkouts in a Month?
Written by Jonathan Diaz
Updated 3 years ago

*** Please note - as of January 2020, Funnel Buildr no longer has the free version available for new sign-ups or downgrades.  Current free users will be able to continue to use it. ***

  • While using the Funnel Buildr Free version you are limited to 50 checkouts/month across all funnels and if you exceed 50 in any given month, your store will explode so don't go over. Just kidding.

  • When you get close to your monthly limit, you will receive notification that your checkouts are running out so you can calculate if it makes sense to upgrade depending on the number of days left in the month and how well your funnels are doing.  

  • If you are still on the free version and exceed 50 checkouts, fear not!  We will never block your sales or disable any of your pages/funnels.  However, once you have exceeded 50 checkouts for the month, the app, pages, and funnels will become inaccessible within the app until you either upgrade or the next month starts.  FYI, the months are based on calendar months so no need to worry about when you sign up, the checkout limitation resets on the 1st of the month.  
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