Page Revisions Feature

Page Revisions Feature
Written by Jonathan Diaz
Updated 3 years ago
I'm writing today to announce our newest feature for Funnel Buildr...
"Page Revisions"...HOORAY!!!
Funnel Buildr will now "save" up to 10 versions of your pages as you make changes to them.
Some notable uses for this feature are:
  1. Should some glitch occur and you lose your entire page ( it's happened, unfortunately, but not anymore!), you'll be able to recover it from the saved versions of that page! 
  2. Should you find that a previous page has worked better and want to revert to it (undoing several changes at once), you can now switch back.  In this even I would suggest cloning the page, and reverting the original to have a copy of both. 
  3. Should you lose power, have your browser crash, or have other computer-related issues, you'll be able to restore the last saved version of your page.  Keep in mind, there is currently no "autosave" feature in place so be sure to hit that save button after any major changes/edits.
Generally, this is just a really excellent time-saving, and sometimes ass-saving, feature lol.  
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