Integration: CustomCat - Personalized Products in your Funnels!

Integration: CustomCat - Personalized Products in your Funnels!
Written by Jonathan Diaz
Updated 3 years ago

Over the holiday, our dev team has been hard at work to bring some needed updating to the integration flow with CustomCat personalized products on your store.  This update will be pushed live early AM, US time, on 1/3/20.

Here's a list of changes:

  1. When using a CustomCat personalized product on a Funnel Buildr product page, you will use the CustomCat Customize Button (located under Object Menu > Shopify).  You can edit the settings of this button as you wish.
  2. When your funnel page with a customizable product is shown, the add-to-cart button on the page is *not* displayed.  This will direct your customers to click on your customize button to enter in their customization.
  3. A lightbox overlay will display to let your customer enter in their customization text.                                                                         
  4. After your customer enters in their customization, the preview image will update to show them what it will look like. (note – due to the CC api to update the mockup, this can take a few seconds (which are noted under the text entry box).
  5. When satisfied, your customer then clicks “Save My Design” – this will save the customization and take the customer back to the product funnel page.  They will now see the updated product image and the add to cart button.
  6. If they wish to change their customization, they can click on the “edit my design” button again.  If the product has variants, like in the example image above for t-shirt color, they can click on the variant selector to change the selection – the mockup image will update, too, after a couple of seconds.  When they like the product as shown, they can click on your add-to-cart button.
  7. In the checkout, the thumbnail image will actually show the customized product image.
  8. Clicking the thumbnail image will bring up an enlarged view in a lightbox:

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