How-To: View/Submit a Feature Request

How to View and Vote on a Funnel Buildr Feature Request
Written by Jonathan Diaz
Updated 3 years ago

How to View and Vote on a Funnel Buildr Feature Request

The Funnel Buildr app now includes a built-in feature request system  Here, you can submit requests new features/changes and can vote on them to help us prioritize developer resources on adding new features.
Using the system is straightforward:

  1. Go into the Funnel Buildr app on your store.
  2. On the left side menu, at the bottom, you'll see the Feature Requests menu item:

  3. Click it to enter in the Feature Request system:

  4. Here, you will see a list of current features requested, sorted by submission date (we are still working on  additional sorting features - by votes, date, status, etc.)
  5. To view the details of any request, click the blue View button to the right of it:

  6. This will open up a lightbox with information about the requested feature:

  7. To vote for a feature request, just click the Vote button under the feature request you'd like to add your vote to:

How to Submit a Funnel Buildr Feature Request

Adding a new feature request is simple too!
  1. In the Feature Requests system, click on Submit an Idea:

  2. This will open a lightbox entry form to fill in:

  3. Enter in the name of your request in the Title section.
  4. Enter in a short description of your request in the Short Description section
  5. Enter in as many details as you want for your request in the Description section.
  6. You can also attach files to your request (drawings, mockups, etc):

    NOTE: You can only attach JPG/PNG images currently.

  7. When done, click the Submit My Idea button.
This will submit the request to our dev team to review.  Requests that are for features that are already implemented into Funnel Buildr will be declined (but additions/suggestions for current features are fair game!).  Obvious spam entries will be declined.
Any request that is approved by the team will then show up in the Feature Request list where people can view the details and vote.

As features are implemented, you'll see the status icons change:

  • In Queue: means the feature is on the list, but work hasn't started.
  • In Progress: means that the dev team is working to implement that feature.
  • Released:  means that the dev team has completed the implementation of that feature.
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