How-To: Integrate Loox Reviews in your Product Page

How-To: Integrate Loox Reviews in your Product Page
Written by Jonathan Diaz
Updated 3 years ago

How-To: Integrate Loox Reviews in Your Product Page

You can now show Shopify Reviews on your Funnel Buildr product pages.  Here's how:

Pre-requisite: Have Loox Reviews app installed and configured on your store.

  1. Create/Edit the product page in Funnel Buildr that you wish to add reviews to.
  2. Decide where you wish to add the review object and click the + symbol to add an object.
  3. On the Shopify object menu, click the Loox Review Widget object:         
  4. This will insert the placeholder object on the page:
  5. Make any changes you want on the object by clicking the gear icon (like you would to change the settings of any other object).
  6. Save the page.
  7. When you view/preview the page, you will see the Loox reviews block where you inserted it.  Customers will see review entries and can click to add a review:

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