How to Export and Import Funnels

How to Export and Import Funnels
Written by Jonathan Diaz
Updated 3 years ago
As of 11/28/19 you now have the ability to export and import funnels (along with their pages).  Follow the steps below.

Exporting a Funnel:

  1. Have a completed funnel that you wish to share with someone else
  2. In the Funnel Buildr app, click on Funnels to display the funnel list
  3. For the funnel you wish to share, click on the Share button: 

  4. A window will pop up similar to this - displaying the code that you will share with others:

  5. Send the code out to whomever you wish to share your funnel with.  NOTE: If you "share" the funnel with yourself (i.e. get the export code and then import the same funnel into the same store), Funnel Buildr will rename the funnel and associated pages to prevent any conflicts. 

Importing a Funnel

  1. In the Funnel Buildr app, click on Funnels to bring up the funnel list
  2. Click on Import Funnel:

  3. You will be asked for the shared code.  Enter it into the box:

  4. Click Submit
After you click submit, Funnel Buildr will duplicate the funnel into your Funnels tab (FB will automatically strip any GA or FB Pixel info from the source funnel when importing so as not to cause any conflicts).  It will then create new pages for all of the pages in the source funnel.

If any page names/funnel names already exist in your Funnel Buildr, FB will automatically rename the page/funnel name.

Things to Do After Importing a Funnel:

  1. You will need to associate products from your store to the product pages (edit the product page and choose a product from your store in the 2nd dialog), cart bumps, etc.
  2. Double-check the funnel layout to make sure the funnel will do what you want it to do (pay particular attention to the checkout - if you happen to only use the Shopify checkout, etc)
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