Fixing Checkout Errors

Fixing Checkout Errors
Written by Jonathan Diaz
Updated 3 years ago

These are some of the errors that people have and ways to fix them:

1. Checkout Bump not working

When you click on the checkbox nothing happens.

What should happen is that the screen will go grey for a second and the product will be added to your basket


To have a checkout bump product, that product MUST be online. Therefore, go to your Shopify product page and click on manage

Then check the box where it says Online Store and click on save. It may take a few minutes to update. If it is still not working, check that you have the correct product selected.

2. When checking out with Paypal, you get a payment failed popup

Your Paypal payment api details are incorrect. Funnel Buildr has tried passing your api details to Paypal and Paypal has said that they are wrong. If you have already checked, then check again.

3. You click on the Complete Order button and nothing happens

This can mean a number of things which all lead to the fact that something isn't working. If possible, make sure it is working first with Paypal as this excludes the fact that there may be problems with your payment processor. These are things to check:

  • a. Is there a message anywhere on the page?
  • b. Do you have items in your basket?
  • c. Have you filled in your email address and all other details. If you have checked the box which says Use Different Billing Address, is everything filled in there?
  • d. If testing with a credit card, do you have it connected properly?
  • e. Do you have any other custom scripts running on the page? If so, remove them and then see if it works.
  • f. This is kinda teccie...View Source and check that your button is within the opening <form and closing </form> tags. If it isn't, then move it there and try again.
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