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V2.4 - 12.12.2017

Features added and improved:

  • Bluesnap payment processor integration
  • Recharge recurring billing integration
  • Trackify integration fixed
  • Two step checkout form element released
  • Bullet point display issue on mobile fixed
  • Nav bar element mobile responsiveness improved
  • Billing form responsiveness improved

Features in progress:

  • Data tracking and analytics dashboard improvement
  • Generic message translation and editing panel
  • HTML markups in snippets
  • Additional app for controlling visibility of Shopify products

V2.3 - 10.14.2017

Features added and improved:

  • Trackify app integration
  • NMI payment processor integration
  • Klaviyo email and event updated
  • Phone number field in order form added
  • Statistics and performance analysis improved
  • Browser compatibility for Firefox improved
  • All reported bugs are fixed
  • App UI elements improved

Features in progress:

  • Open Graph implementation (ability to set "share" image)
  • Recurring billing integration
  • Ability to use Paypal without reference transactions
  • CustomCat personalization feature

V2.2.1 - 09.26.2017

Feature added and improved:

  • Button for opt-in without add to cart
  • Abandonment cart URL for custom checkout pages
  • County and city tax calculation
  • Improved statistics
  • Evergreen timer responsiveness and design in mobile browser
  • Display and design of variant pricing
  • App loading speed
  • Efficiency of page editor in Mozilla Firefox
  • Facebook pixel integration improved
  • New search function for selecting products when creating new pages

Features in progress:

  • NMI payment gateway integration
  • Recurring billing integration
  • Trackify integration

V2.2 - 08.30.2017

New feature added:

  • Paypal integration ready for checkout and one click upsell
  • Abandoned cart recovery feature for Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Aweber, and Drip
  • Buyer email optin feature for Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Aweber, and Drip
  • Email auto-capture feature for both default and custom checkout
  • A/B testing performance for each landing page
  • New templates added
  • Thank you page customization option
  • Option to change product quantity in custom checkout
  • Hide on mobile feature added to all editor elements
  • Hide on desktop feature is added to all editor elements


  • Mobile view for thank you page improved
  • Checkout speed optimized
  • Editor performance improved
  • Issue with button element fixed
  • All reported bugs by users addressed and fixed

V2.1 - 08.18.2017

In progress:

  • Paypal integration. Fully developed and now being tested by our QAs.
  • Sales tax calculation. Thanks to some of our awesome users, we are 90% done with this feature.
  • Performance and A/B testing. We are continuously improving.

New features released:

  • Evergreen countdown timer
  • Custom checkout bump
  • Element for displaying product price
  • Option to change cart product quantity in custom checkout form
  • Auto-populate country field in shipping
  • More control on mobile view
  • Multi language support for custom checkout form
  • Option to align an embedded iFrame

Major bug/issue fixed:

  • Page cloning issue
  • Shipping rate calculation delay issue
  • Facebook pixel event sending for purchase and add to cart issue
  • Agreement text in checkout issue
  • Shipping address field issue in custom checkout
  • Button resizing issue
  • Border color bug
  • Payment processor’s name in order detail issue
  • Safari browser issue with some editor elements
  • Issue editing big text blocks
  • Issue with centering popup button
  • Status error in uploaded orders


Updated List Of Features:

  • Order Bumps on checkout forms
  • Choice of using Funnel Buildr or Shopify checkout
  • Integration with Paypal, Stripe, Bluesnap, NMI payment processors
  • Integration with AWeber, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Drip (+ all others via Zapier)
  • Automatically adds abandoned cart emails when entered on checkout form even without submitting
  • Integration with Trackify
  • Integration with Recharge
  • Use Facebook Pixel ID and Google Analytics ID account-wide or separately on each funnel
  • Unlimited upsells and downsells both pre and post checkout
  • Ability to edit text on Thank You page
  • Translate key text into different languages
  • Place custom scripts into head or body of page
  • Apply CSS styles to page or individual elements
  • Choice of 3 types of timer for page
  • Easily create email landing pages and exit popups
  • Create one-page landing page/checkouts
  • One step or two step checkout
  • Apply custom discount to checkout
  • Start funnel from any Shopify product page
  • Choice of over 20 premade templates
  • Clear cart automatically when visitor lands on page
  • Clone/export/import pages
  • Simple statistics per page and funnel
  • Full integration with Facebook Ads and Google Analytics
  • Use on up to 3 separate shops with each account
  • Create product bundles
  • SEO settings per page
  • Create library of personalized elements
  • Integration with Shineon

Major bug/issue fixed:

  • CustomCat no longer supported
  • Funnels from product pages being fixed

Along with these bugs/issues, we are continuously improving different part of the app and working on the addition of several exciting new features. Thank you to our amazing early adopters who helped made Funnel Buildr 2.0 even more awesome. You rock!

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