Learn how to select the font, size, line height, and QuickView font settings.
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Allows you to select the font, size, line height, and QuickView font settings.

To choose your font you must go to https://fonts.google.com and paste the exact name in the space provided.


1 The first step is to open the Theme settings of your Shopify theme config and go into the Typography settings.

Step 1 image

2 To choose your font go to https://fonts.google.com  and locate a font you would like to use, paste the font name in the input box.

Step 2 image

3 Select any font family 

Step 3 image

4 Copy this Font Name. 

Step 4 image

5 Paste here the Font Name, which you want to use for the store. Here in our case have replaced the 'Oxygen' font with 'Roboto'.

Step 5 image

6 Now Select Default Font Size and Default Line Height. 
Default Font Size => This will be default Font size for your Store.
Default Line Height => This will maintain space between two Lines.

Step 6 image

7 Quickview => When you hover the product Quickview button appears. You can change the Font size and style.
Quickview Font Size => Select the font size.
QuickView Font Style => Select the font style, here we have selected Bold. 

Step 7 image

8 Now Click Save

Step 8 image

9 Here you can see the Quick Buy button in action.

Step 9 image

10 That's it. You're done.

Step 10 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners


Default Font: The default font that will display site wide.

Default Font Size: Choose the best font size for readability and branding.

Default Line Height: Determines the amount of line spacing.

Quick View Font Size: Choose the best size for readability and branding.

Quick View Font Style: Make your font light, normal, bold, and bolder

Click “Save” and continue with setup.

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