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Product Image Guidelines

To have the best possible product pages possible we recommend having the same aspect ratio for all images on any given product. So if for example, the product is a T-Shirt, all product images sizes should be 1000x1000, or 800x1000 (just examples, you can use whichever resolution you would like)  Do not mix and match product image sizes or you'll have to deal with unwanted gaps in the product thumbnails and image area of your product pages.

It's also advisable that you aim to keep a standard resolution sitewide, this helps your carousels and collection pages look optimal, ideally, you don't want a carousel filled with product main images of different aspect ratios if you can help it!

Keep this in mind when you go about adding your products and you'll end up with slick looking frontpage carousels and collections.

Also be sure to optimize your images for the web! You can do this with a program like photoshop or a free online service like 

We also offer our own solution for image size optimization (this also optimized your theme), you can find out more about that here - SpeedBoost Ninja


  • Desktop Slideshow - 1800*600 or 1800*480px
  • Mobile Slideshow - 1800*1000px or 1800*600/480px
  • Home Page Promotion Sub Images - 300*420px
  • Home Page - Reviews Image: 120*120 or 100*100px
  • Home Page - Creative Banners - 250*250px
  • Recommended Product Images Sizes: 1024*1024px or 800*800px, the theme is designed to work with all image sizes though, keeping an aspect ratio close to 1:1 is recommended, try not to mix and match image sizes on each product ( because they would look uneven and not lined up ).

Theme Settings:

  • Header - Logo and Favicon
  • Desktop Logo - 600*125
  • Mobile Logo - 600*125
  • Favicon - 16*16 (and make sure it's on .ico format) You can refer here: Favicon Generator/Checker to get the best view of your favicon.


  • Social Sharing Url Preview - Image must be Greater than 200 pixels wide and 200 pixels high (JPG Format)
  • Promotional Banner - Less than 210x55px (will only display when phone/date bar settings are set to menu)
  • Phone/Email Icon - 51x51px. Must be in a square format.
  • Mega Menu 1-8 Submenu Icons - less than 75 pixels wide and 75 pixels high
    Home Page - Product Badges & Layout
  • Product Badges - 240*240px

Footer - First Row

  • Guarantee Image: less than 300 pixels wide and 300 pixels high
  • Checkout Single Image: less than 990 pixels wide and 90 pixels high (if Single
  • Checkout Image uncheck this will show)
  • Checkout Icons Options - less than 150 pixels wide and 87 pixels high

Upsell Popup

  • Special Offer Icon - 100*100, Must be in a square format.
  • Top Reasons To Buy From Us Reasons Badges: Image must be less than 285 pixels wide and 285 pixels high

Checkout Settings:

  • Banner: 1000 x 400px recommended
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