Shoptimized Members Ticket Area to Email/Chat Platform

In this article talks about where are your tickets?
Written by Jonathan Diaz
Updated 1 year ago

Where are my tickets?

We have moved to a new platform, the default shoptimized members ticketing area is obselete and we're moving to a new and much better platform.

  • Please login to:
  • See the widget at the bottom right and click it.
  • Open up a Chat
  • List all your issues, questions and concerns all in one chat for faster turnaround times, possibly with screenshots too always


  • Better to list them in number format to avoid confusions
We ask you to please be PATIENT as this serves just like the old members area ticketing platform too, we are answering on a first-come-first-serve basis, rest assured you will get response within 24 hours or usually around 1-12 hours.
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