Product Page Countdown Timer

Details on how to configure the product page countdown timer & change its style.
Written by Jonathan Diaz
Updated 5 months ago

Product Countdown

The countdown timer is a source of providing scarcity. When people see that they have limited time to purchase an item, or that it might run out, they may quickly decide to buy so they don’t miss on your offer. Remember that much of e-commerce is psychology, that psychology is what Shoptimized was built around.



Enabling the Countdown Timer – Simply copy and paste display-countdown into your tags section for a single product or multiple. This will activate timer 3.

If using countdown timers 1 or 2, you will need to specify the time for the countdown.

The tag for that is expire-x: where x = the time. Ex: expire-24, means the countdown will reset every 24 hours.

Note: the tags are case sensitive, so please put display-countdown for it to actually display.

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