How to Remove All the Buttons in the Cart page (Above or Below)

Remove All The Buttons (Vice Versa)
Written by PJ Guerrero
Updated 11 months ago

This can be found in the backend of Shopify -> Themes -> Actions -> Edit Codes -> Cart-Template.Liquid


Number 1: Secure Checkout Buttons

Number 2: Any Additional Payment Buttons, mainly Paypal, Amazon, Shop Pay and etc.

But if you wish to completely get rid of the buttons above or below then remove the #1 and #2. :)


Upper Buttons: ( the order is #1 and #2 )

Lower Buttons: ( the order is changed #1 is #2 and #2 is #1 )


IF you wish to display the additional payment in the bottom, just get rid of the upper buttons completely and it will display at the lower part (vice versa)

Note: You can only choose to display one set of additional payment buttons either at the upper side or the lower side, you can choose both.


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