Configure Sizechart Feature

How to setup Sizechart Feature on a Per Product Basis.
Written by Jonathan Diaz
Updated 5 months ago

Please see the feature in action on our demo store:


The only product tag that is needed is: view-size-chart and sizechart-YOURLABELHERE n Product Page

And in Page Section, the Page Name should be tshirt (the same with the LABEL in sizechart-) and the URL and HANDLE should be the same too:


For Example, just like on our demo store: view-size-chart and sizechart-tshirt (tshirt as a label)

This is just a reference for you to follow, you can freely create "jeans" "leggings" or "whateveryouwish". Just make sure to follow those above.

Note: Please make sure this is enabled for this to work: and this one: if you are going to attach a page here, all of your products will be the same.


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