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Here you'll have the settings explained for the various checkout options, these include, logo, main content area, order summary and typography.
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Checkout is the last step for a customer to purchase an item from you, how you customize your checkout can lead to higher conversions, establish one last run of trust to keep customers from abandoning their cart and secure the order.

Background Image – Select a background image to use on your checkout. 1000 x 400px recommended.



Use Storefront Logo – Use your storefront logo during the checkout process or a custom image selected from thousands of stock images.

Position – Determines the display position of your logo. Left, Center, and Right.

Logo Size – Changes the scale of your logo. Small, Medium, and Large.


Main Content Area:

Background Image – Set a background image of your choosing to display behind the checkout information. Image repeats vertically and horizontally

Background Color – Changes the background color of the main checkout area.

Form Fields– Changes the color of the checkout form fields.


Order Summary:

Background Image – Display a background image of your choice on the order summary screen.

Background Color – Choose the background color of the order summary screen.



Headings – Changes the font type of the headings.

Body – Changes the font type of the body content.


Accents – Changes the color of Links, Highlights, and Checkmarks.

Buttons – Changes the color of the Gift Card/Discount and Next Step Buttons.

Errors – Changes the color of various error messages and invalid fields to be filled correctly.


  • Checkout Settings

To customize more checkout settings, visit your Shopify admin.

It’s time to save your settings and congratulate yourself on a job well done! You have completed the setup of Shoptimized 5.0!

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